Policy Administration Solutions is your insurance and technology expert. Designed for today's challenging insurance marketplace, our automation solutions can streamline your business processes and give you a competitive advantage. 

Founded in 1996, Policy Administration Solutions specializes in state-of-the-art automation solutions for insurance carriers, sureties and large Managing General Agents (MGAs). Our mission is simple: to provide the technology your organization needs to achieve its goals more efficiently and cost-effectively.

At PAS, we pride ourselves on our culture of honesty and integrity. Our extensive technology and business experience in the insurance industry makes us unique. Working collaboratively, our team of skilled specialists applies solid planning and superior execution to every automation project.



PAS proudly incorporates products and methodologies from these business partners.


IBM, Oracle and Microsoft products provide a solid foundation for our stable, scalable solutions.


Our Products and Services

Each product can be configured to run your business end to end


PAS core software products are designed to meet the precise needs of the Property and Casualty Insurance industry. Each product can be configured to run your business end to end. 




Whichever PAS product you choose, these flexible features make it easier to understand and manage your business. 

Configurable System:
User-friendly screens
let you customize and update industry rules
and operating parameter tables to suit the way
you do business.

Products: Not only do we support the standard admitted products, but we pride ourselves on how flexible our systems are to meet the ever-changing specialty market.

AI/Robots: AI and
Predictive Analytics can support intelligent workload assignment, intelligent underwriting guidelines, intelligent rating, intelligent claims reserving and more.


multi-MGA processing
and reporting
is included.

Historical Data: Detailed information is captured and maintained every step of the way, enabling meaningful analysis of your book of business.

Each PAS product is
an online solution,
so real-time information
is readily



Each PAS product provides complete transactional activity. Using detailed premium, loss and cash information, you can produce a variety of standard and custom reports. Standard reports include:

  • Premium Registers

  • Loss Registers

  • Loss Counts

  • Loss Triangles

  • NAIC Reports

  • Rating Development Reports

  • Reports to assist with updating the GL system

  • Cash Receipts Registers

  • Deposit Slips

  • Check Registers

  • Reconciled Checks Report

  • Outstanding Checks Report


In addition, your PAS solution can collect all premium and loss information and automatically report to ISO, NAII and NCCI. Our statistical reporting capability produces the submissions and all attachments needed for submission to the various bureaus.



pasCarrier.Net – Automates all policy-related transactions, beginning with initial information-gathering and continuing through the life of the policy.

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  • Transactions: Support for Submissions, Quotes and Quote Versions, New Business, Renewals (manual and automatic), Endorsements, Cancellations, Reinstatements, Non-Renewals, Audits, ERP and Reverse ERP.
  • Cancellation, Reinstatement and Non-Renewal Notices: Printing of notice(s) with the legal number of days and configurable messages.


pasBilling.Net – Provides a full range of billing and collection functions for agency and direct bill, with lock-box, ACH, credit and debit card payments, reconciliations and statistical reporting.

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  • Agency Bill: Automatic generation of statements, aged trial balance and statutory aging reports. Supports multiple pay plans, online real-time application of cash and open item reconciliation. Allows users to pay some, most or all of a statement balance.
  • Direct Bill: Provides automatic calculation of equity date, automatic creation of invoices, user-defined payment plans, and automatic cancellation/reinstatement for non-payment of premium process. Also includes configurable assessment of late, insufficient fund and reinstatement fees, along with online real-time application of cash and open item reconciliation.
  • Commissions: A unique subsystem supports management of commissions receivable and payable between the insurance company or MGA and the agent. Includes production of commission statements, online real-time application of cash, and open item reconciliation.
  • Checks: Checks can be printed in bulk or one at a time per payment. Voids/Stop Payments: Any check can be reversed prior to issuance. After issuance, check voiding and stop payments can be processed.
  • Check Reconciliation: Both manual and automatic bank reconciliation is supported.
  • Payments: Allows payments to be accepted by check, lock-box, ACH, credit or debit card.

pasClaims.Net – Powers a complete claims management and workflow solution, with salvage, subrogation, deductible and lawsuit management.

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  • Report-Only Claim: A claim can be recorded and flagged as a report-only claim, which excludes it from claim counts.
  • Initial Claim Registration: A claim can be recorded with online policy, unit and coverage verification. When necessary, an authorized user can bypass the verification process.
  • Reserves: Supports establishment of parameters for Indemnity Loss Reserve, Medical Loss Reserve, Indemnity LAE Other, Indemnity DCCE Reserve, Salvage Reserve, Subrogation Reserve, Deductible Reserve and Other Recoveries Reserve.
  • Payments: Payments can be made and identified in the same manner that reserves are established. In addition, payment details can be captured (partial, supplemental, etc.).
  • Recoveries: Supports maintenance and tracking of salvage, subrogation, and deductible reimbursement, along with a general category called "Other Recoveries."
  • Fast Track: Enables opening and closing a claim in one session.
  • Subsystems: Allows maintenance and tracking of salvage, subrogation and lawsuits in separate subsystems associated with a claim. A claim can be closed while any of these subsystems can still be open.
  • Authority: Individual user authority limits for setting reserves and making payments can be configured.
  • Additional Claim Entities: Enables capture of unlimited entities related to claims and features, such as witnesses, doctors, lawyers, etc.
  • Claimants/Features: Support for unlimited claimants and features per claim.
  • Catastrophe: Allows capture and maintenance of a catastrophe code at the feature level, with the ability to assign a catastrophe code based on the date of loss, cause of loss and state of loss.
  • Checks: Ability to print checks either in bulk or one at a time per payment.
  • Voids/Stop Payments: Ability to reverse a check prior to issuance. After issuance, check voiding and stop payments can be processed.
  • Check Reconciliation: Allows for both manual and automatic bank reconciliation.
  • Forms: Captures, maintains and prints forms that are either automatically or manually assigned to the claim or feature level.

pasRE.Net – Offers complete support for reinsurance operations, including a premium and loss ceded calculation engine, along with full reporting tools.

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  • Ability to define treaties through support tables (including contracts, intermediaries and participants), with limits of attachments and occurrence limits defined at the treaty/annual statement line/sub-line level.
  • Allows configurable support for defining reinsurance programs and methods of attachment.
  • Provides user-defined and managed treaty-level deductibles, catastrophe treaties and treaty level aggregate limits.
  • Enables automatic portfolio transfers and commutations.
  • Provides entry of IBNR (both loss and loss expense) assignments at a treaty level, with system expansion to the intermediary/reinsurer level.
  • Supports maintenance and tracking of letters of credit, cash in lieu, etc., at a treaty/intermediary/reinsurer level. A host of reports and queries are provided to support decision-making about drawdowns, etc.
  • Provides for premium deposits with user-defined installments. Reports that show the difference between actual and deposit premiums are included, enabling adjustments to be entered.
  • Allows online/real-time application of cash receipts, cash and disbursements to facultative premiums, excess of loss premiums, facultative and excess of loss claims, quota share/surplus premium and claims.
  • Generates premium and loss bordereaux, statements to intermediaries and/or participants, and Schedule F.

pasExecutive.Net – Transforms operational data into useful knowledge; makes information viewable at the company level, with drill-downs all the way to class code level using our flexible Drill Down view or third-party tools. 

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  • Offers ability to define data types and field definitions for all lines of business in real time with an online data dictionary.
  • Allows definition of user-friendly screens, Summary Tables and Cubes to facilitate quick reporting and easy data retrieval.
  • Enables defined import frequency down to hourly intervals.
  • Establishes definitions, translations and conversions for premium, losses and cash.
  • Exports to General Ledger packages with a user-defined chart of accounts, with configurable chart of accounts mapping to various insurance transactions.
  • Displays management and user-defined book of business results and informational reports quickly and efficiently.
  • Support for top-sides
  • IBNR calculation and spreading
  • Contingent commission calculations

pasAgentPortal.Net – Provides agents with access to information, reports, payments and much more. 

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  • Manages quotes, policies, insurance professionals and retail agents, with the ability to view dashboards and run reports.
  • Enables payments against the Agency Bill statement, and against direct bill policies on behalf of the insured.
  • Provides both functional and data-level security.

pasInsuredPortal.Net – Provides insureds with online access to coverage information, documents, payments and much more.

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  • Offers secure access to quotes and printable policies, ID cards, Invoices, etc.
  • Enables online payments against the insured's policies and quotes.

pasRater.Net –This robust rating and underwriting guidelines engine provides lightning-fast calculations and results to any policy management system for any line of business. Through pas.Rater.net, PAS is adding AI and predictive analytics functionality to support dynamic underwriting guidelines, workload allocation, rating decisions based on human and risk characteristics, establishing reserves and managing flow. Repetitive tasks are automated to facilitate growth without proportionally increasing expenses.

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  • Through screen-based tables, allows definition of deviations and formulas using basic English and math functions.
  • The rating engine can be called from any policy management system.
  • Supports uploading of Policies and Transactions, and downloading of results in bulk to facilitate testing of a new rating and/or changes to existing ratings.

PAS also offers customized solutions to suit specific industry segments, including:

  • Carriers

  • MGAs

  • Sureties

  • Reinsurers

  • Workers Compensation Writers




As part of our commitment to your success, we offer custom consulting and outsourcing services to help you get up and running with PAS solutions.



Our Services Division draws on a core team of insurance industry technology experts, expandable through our alliances to meet your needs. We offer a broad range of consulting services using a proven methodology for delivering your automation project on time and within budget.


Along with consulting and custom software development, we offer our expertise in maintaining, enhancing, and modifying existing application installations. 

Our outsourcing offerings include:

  • Training

  • Documentation

  • Institution of methodology and standards

  • Systems planning

  • Testing

  • Quality assurance

  • Business process improvement



From standard lines to specialty markets, we know insurance end to end. Thanks to our technical expertise, each PAS solution provides an easy-to-use interface and simple navigation. We also focus on processing efficiency and easy system maintenance.


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Scalable, Stable Solutions

Because a system is only as good as the platform it runs on, we have chosen the .Net MVC platform for its stability, scalability and adaptability.

While most systems that claim to be Web-based are either server-heavy "dumb terminal" systems or glorified desktop applications, PAS offers true .Net solutions with data access on the back end, middleware and business rules on the middle tier, and thin-client presentation on the front end.

Our .Net solutions continue to evolve to meet the needs of our clients in the changing insurance industry. We develop and refine our products using Microsoft development framework and tools, and we support both Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server database repositories.


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